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Back Pain

Chiropractic for Back Pain in Mt Gravatt

Woman with back pain in home officeBack pain is something many of us face each day, from sunrise to sundown-and likely the middle of the night, too. It can be caused by the simplest of activities, from sports and leisure on the weekends, to gardening in your backyard, to simply sitting at our office desks for long periods of time.

These events can cause imbalances in the body, with muscles that become too weak—or too strong—over time. While exercises are an important part of the process and will work to alleviate the pain and discomfort for short periods of time, getting to the root of the imbalances first—and helping your brain reconnect to the muscles—is crucial to healing.

This allows for healthy signals to be sent back and forth from the brain to the muscles as you begin to do your at-home exercises, and a far more effective long-term solution can be found for patients.


How Chiropractic Works

Chiropractic care is not a quick fix, but rather a program of regular adjustments for your musculoskeletal system to promote healing, correct posture and muscular movement. This helps you create a healthier, happier life. Dr. Bank (Chiropractor) will examine everything from your lifestyle to how your muscles, like the psoas muscle, are balanced.

From there he’ll give you suggestions for stretches and exercises to do at home to help along your in-office adjustments. Dr. Bank also offers additional services like lymphatic massage and kinesiology-based treatments for a multi-pronged approach to his patient’s health and wellness.

A Natural Alternative to Surgery

If you’ve experienced back pain for a while, surgery may seem like a logical choice to (hopefully) end the pain. However, any surgery is a high-risk endeavor and there are more conservative care methods—like chiropractic—that may not only help alleviate your pain but also get to the core of what’s causing the issues in your back.

Now Welcoming New Patients in Mt Gravatt

Dr. Bank is eager to help you get to the bottom of what is causing your back pain and discomfort. Call us today to see how he could help you thrive!


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