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Kinesiology in Mt Gravatt

Kinesiology is a system of assessing the body to determine how strongly a particular area is connected to the brain at any given time. It’s useful to discover why a person is not getting the expected results in terms of exercise, movement or healing.

How Kinesiology Works

At BodyWise Chiropractic, we often see patients who complain of tight muscles in their neck, for example, despite regular massages, gentle stretching or vibration gun therapy. They feel better immediately after the therapy, but as soon as they use those muscles again, the tightness returns.

When we use kinesiology to test these tight muscles, what we usually find is that there’s a weakness there—meaning the muscle is not connected strongly to the brain. If you have a weak connection, stretching, massage or any kind of therapy will feel nice, but it does nothing to correct the underlying problem.

Kinesiology tells us if the brain is talking to that area. If it isn’t, we use chiropractic adjustments to restore the brain-body connection. Once the connection is restored, the tightness can resolve.

taping up shoulder wide

Get Better Results From Exercise

There is a common misconception that you can use exercise to stimulate muscle groups that aren’t “firing.” However, if the muscles aren’t connected to the brain, going to the gym won’t help, and you may just get hurt. If your glutes aren’t connected and you do hip raises to activate them, you’ll end up using the hamstrings and lower back, which can cause pain and frustration.

We use kinesiology to find out what your specific physiology is doing, and then connect weak areas to the brain. This allows you to use the muscle correctly, rather than using the recruiting muscles all around it and tightening up those areas.

Find Out More

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