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Tinnitus Relief in Mt Gravatt

Woman at home hand on headTinnitus is a ringing in one or both ears that is not caused by an external sound and that can’t be heard by other people. It can result from a number of factors, and it’s more common in older adults—but it can affect anyone of any age or gender.

Whether the ringing is constant or intermittent, it can make daily life more difficult and interfere with normal conversations and activities. At BodyWise Chiropractic, Dr Daniel Bank (Chiropractor) offers customised care plans to help address your symptoms.


Our Approach

Dr Bank begins with a thorough examination to determine what the underlying cause of your tinnitus may be. He will pay particular attention to the bones of the skull, neck and jaw. Misalignments or improperly moving joints in any of these areas can affect the workings of the inner ear, resulting in ringing or other intrusive sounds. In addition, misalignments cause interference in the nervous system, and when the nervous system doesn’t work as it should, dysfunctions of various types can occur in any body part that is served by the impacted nerve—including the ears.

He’ll also assess your lymph system to find out if a build-up of toxins in the body is causing pressure that may result in your symptoms. For example, pressure in the sinuses may lead to pressure in the inner ears, creating the ringing sound you hear.

Based on your examination, Dr Bank will create a care plan to help alleviate your symptoms. This will likely include chiropractic adjustments to the bones of the neck, jaw and/or skull, as well as very gentle lymphatic drainage techniques to reduce the inflammation and swelling.

Dr Bank has advanced training and experience providing care for patients with tinnitus.

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The constant ringing in your ears may be a sign of a problem somewhere else in your body. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


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