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Can Chiropractic Help Your Headaches?

man with glasses having a headacheSpinal Health Week 2023, an initiative of the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA), is dedicated to raising awareness about spinal health. This year’s theme is “Headaches Holding You Back? Consult a Chiro,” and aims to shed light on the causes and negative effects of this common type of pain.

The Human & Financial Cost

Headaches are one of the most common ailments in Australia, affecting millions of people each year. According to the ACA, over 4.9 million Australians suffer from migraines, while up to seven million suffer from tension headaches. The economic burden of these conditions is staggering, costing the economy $35.7 billion annually. Chronic headaches and migraines can be excruciating and debilitating, affecting our ability to carry out daily activities and spend time with loved ones.

Most Originate in the Neck

Did you know that most headaches originate in the neck? That’s why an imbalanced neck muscle can trigger headaches and migraines. Dr Daniel Bank (Chiropractor) often finds patients complaining of headaches have weak neck extensors that are not functioning properly.

By reawakening the nerves in the neck with chiropractic adjustments and other maneuvers, Dr Bank helps the brain, muscles, and nervous system communicate again, leading to relief from head pain.

Taking a Multipronged Approach

Dr Bank’s approach to relief is multifaceted and holistic. His comprehensive approach to care is intended to help his patients achieve long-term relief from their head pain.

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, Dr Bank also employs kinesiology and lymphatic drainage with his patients. Kinesiology involves muscle testing and correction techniques that can help identify and address imbalances in the body that may contribute to head discomfort. Lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage technique that helps improve the flow of lymph, a fluid that helps remove waste and toxins from the body.

Contact Us Today

If you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines and are looking for natural relief, contact BodyWise Chiropractic to book an appointment with Dr Bank. We want to help you get back to the activities you love and the people you care about.


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